Master in HTML to define the webpage structure

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Master in HTML to define the webpage structure

About Course

What you'll learn

  • You will have a basic understanding of HTML
  • You will learn to use basic tags which are used commonly
  • Learn the difference in usage between block level and inline elements in HTML
  • By learning the use of HTML table, you will be able to create different designs of your own


  • No prior HTML or CSS knowledge needed 
  • Willingness and Motivation to successfully complete the javascript html css training 
  • Desire to learn javascript, html css javascript, html css, html, css 
  • Desire to learn html css javascript for full stack web development 
  • Desire to learn front end web development with javascipt, html css 
  • Nothing else! It’s just you, your computer and your ambition to get started today

Hello there,

HTML, or hypertext markup language, is computer code used to create web pages and emails. Web developers, email marketers, web writers, and many others use HTML.

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language, which is the biggest markup language used to display web pages on the Internet. In other words, web pages are composed of HTML, which is used to display text, images, or other resources through a web browser.

HTML is the basic building block of the web and actually isn’t a technical programming language. It is responsible for the structure of the website.


What is HTML and why is it important?

HTML stands for hyper-text markup language. Whether on a mobile device or a computer, every website that you browse is designed with HTML. HTML isn’t a “programming language,” but rather a “formatting language.” It tells a browser how to display text, images, and other media elements. When HTML was first developed, it was fairly simple. For example, the text on a page could be bolded, italicized, or underlined, and images could be resized and aligned. Today, HTML is much more complex and dynamic, allowing front-end developers to create any layout or setup they desire.

Why is CSS and Javascript important for HTML?

HTML is a formatting language, not a programming language. Javascript is often necessary to make HTML “dynamic.” While HTML can make it so that text is displayed on the screen, Javascript can update this text or make it move. Javascript is used for both front-end and back-end development, hand-in-hand with HTML, to create complex and attractive web designs. Meanwhile, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are used to organize the look and feel of a website and make the website easier to update and manipulate. Today, HTML, CSS, and Javascript are frequently used to develop responsive web designs — designs that react to a user’s environment for a better user experience.

What is an HTML element and why is it important?

HTML is designed on a modular basis, meaning every part of the web page has a specific “place.” An HTML element is a part of the page. Common HTML elements include “<p>” for a “paragraph” and “<title>” for the “title” of the page. In fact, the entirety of the HTML page is within the “<html>” element. Elements are begun and ended with tags, so a title would be written: “<title>This is the Title to the page.</title>” Organizing code this way makes it easier to reference and control. Each element may also have characteristics. For instance, the “<p>” (paragraph) tag can be aligned in a certain direction. These are the basic building blocks of HTML and what most designers should learn first.


No prior knowledge is needed!

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Who this course is for:

  • If you want to learn HTML 5 and CSS 3 the first step in web development, completely and easily, you are at the right place.
  • It's perfect for complete beginners with zero experience.
  • People who are willing to make a career in the Web Development
  • Anyone who trying to learn JavaScript but: 1) still don't really understand JavaScript, or 2) still don't feel confident to code real apps
  • Those who want to learn the basics of JavaScript, the world's most popular programming language
  • People who want to learn html css javascript
  • People who want to develop with full stack javascript
  • People who want to learn html css, javascript
  • Anyone who start to develop webside
  • Anyone who want to learn front end web development and webside development

Course content

videoIntroduction About the requirement and course structure2 m 40 s
videoIntroduction to Javascript, HTML CSS JavaScript11 m 50 s
videoHTML vs HTML53 m 5 s
videoBasic Tags in HTML4 m 26 s
videoBasic Tags Example in HTML1 m 35 s
videoBlock element and Inline Element4 m 13 s
videoAssignment for Block and Inline Element
videoImages and Attributes in HTML3 m 23 s
videoLists in HTML3 m 2 s
videoAssignment to display items in webpages
videoTables in HTML3 m 47 s
videoAssignment to display Table
videoHTML Forms13 m
videoAssignment to display form
videoHow to View HTML Source4 m 53 s
videoHow to create HTML Layout13 m 18 s
videoAssignment to Create a layout for below sites
videoHow to create HTML Responsive Design10 m 34 s
videoUnderstanding HTML Presentation
videoAll the HTML Examples source code

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