How does Whatsapp Business Cloud API helps businesses

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Duration 1 h 6 m 47 s

How does Whatsapp Business Cloud API helps businesses

About Course

Welcome to this course on WhatsApp automation. In this course, you will learn how to send messages or media automatically in WhatsApp without any human intervention. You will also be able to create conversational chatbots through this course. Considering WhatsApp has billions of users worldwide, it can also be used for business or personal automation. So if you work for any business, or you own a business, you can use this skill to automate a lot of your customer service, like giving out information about your business or about what items are available, or even taking orders. You can also use it on a personal scale like sending reminders or tracking your habits or anything you want to achieve.

First, you will learn the basics of automation and how to create a basic WhatsApp automation bot using Python and Twilio. Apart from sending messages, you will also learn how to store messages in a database called MongoDB. After learning the basics you will learn to create a relatively advanced multi-step WhatsApp chatbot. Take a look at the Demo video to see what the bot is capable of. Once you build the bot, you will learn how to deploy it to a remote server and host it in the cloud.

All the services that we will use, that is hosting, database, and messaging service… all of it is completely free to get started with. And on top of that, you will learn all of this in just two hours. If that sounds interesting then give this course a try.

How WhatsApp business cloud API helps businesses to increase their sales, and customer engagement. You can create your own chatbot. 

What you will learn from this course? 

  • How to make your own chatbot? 
  • How to create a WhatsApp template? 
  • Step by Step to set up your WhatsApp business cloud API account 
  • Automate your customer query and support. 
  • Make your Business in autopilot mode.

Who this course for?

  • Business Men selling via Mobile/m-Commerce 
  • Small-scale business owners 
  • Home Based on thebusiness owner 
  • Mobile users

Course content

videoGetting StartedFree
videoOverview52 s
videoWhy do we Need Whatsapp Marketing?1 m 52 s
videoWhatsApp Personal App Vs Business App1 m
videoSome statistical report about Whatsapp3 m 9 s
videoHow to use Whatsapp Business ? And Features and Benefits?7 m 1 s
videoPricing1 m
videoGetting Access to Whatsapp Cloud API7 m 39 s
videoHow I used Whatsapp Cloud API for Customer Engagment?8 m 3 s
videoHow to run your business in auto pilot mode to increase your customer engagement.15 m 37 s
videoAll Api's Collection
videoWhatsapp Usage Startegies1 m
videoEffortlessly Boost Sales with Our WhatsApp Framework Template12 m 34 s
videocase study - How businesses are using Whatsapp5 m
videoCourse Details2 m
Sankar Prakash

Sankar Prakash

Course Instructor

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